KD Automotive

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About KD Automotive in Redmond WA

As a family-owned and family-operated business, KD Automotive has been serving the local Redmond community since 2008.

Anything from maintenance that is factory recommended through to auto repair, and our auto repair Redmond
shop has all of your needs covered.

At KD Redmond We Offer You a Comprehensive Car Service

If your vehicle is well maintained, it is more reliable, it is more fuel efficient and it also will last longer. In turn, this means you make far more of any investment that you make in a vehicle. At KD Automotive, our expert technicians have been well trained so that they can professionally carry out services that involve diagnostic and repairs on every make and model of car and light-duty van. Plus, we are well versed in handling maintenance services that are factory recommended, too.

Anything from relatively basic and routine maintenance such as tire rotations and oil changes, through to repairs that are wear-related like brake repairs, exhausts and mufflers, suspension and steering repairs, and KD Automotive is a business that you can rely on.

Our quality car and light-duty van parts at KD Automotive fit in with every budget, while our friendly staff are trained in such a way that they will make your visit to us at 9175 Willows Rd
Redmond, WA 98052 informative and completely hassle free.

Brakes and Repairs

From the hydraulic brake fluid to the brake pedal, from the power brake booster to the brake master cylinder, from disc brakes to drum brakes, our KD Automotive technicians understand every aspect of your auto’s brake system. We can make repairs on any type of car brakes and on any make and model of car.

Oil Change

Oil can be considered as the blood of your vehicle’s engine. Oil serves in reducing friction, it provides lubrication and lessens wear. Oil makes a seal between the pistons, the cylinders and the walls of the rings, while also assisting to cool many engine parts. If you don’t change your oil frequently, varnish and carbon buildup becomes a toxic factor for your engine.

Tire Repairs and Tire Sales

Our technicians at KD Automotive will make an inspection of your vehicle’s tires. They will rotate and also balance your tires depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s schedule. When your vehicle’s tires need to be replaced, we will make a determination of the right kind and size of tire that’s required and we’ll also install them properly.

Hoses and Belts

There will be a time when your vehicle’s coolant hoses, timing belts and drive belts will become dry and begin to crack. Through a regular inspection regime as well as timely hose and belt replacement, it will help to protect against breakdowns and costly repairs.

Suspension, Steering and Alignment

At KD Automotive, because we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our technicians can maintain or make repairs to your car’s suspension, steering and wheel alignment.

Wipers, Lights and Accessories

We will inspect the blades of your windshield wipers, we’ll check out your headlamps, your brake lights and your turn signals, and we will also fill up the washer fluid so that your windshield remains crystal clear even in the harshest weather.

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