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Why It is Important to Change Your Car’s Oil


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Your car is a major investment. You rely on it to get you to and from work, around Redmond, running errands and even for long trips across Washington. Like any other major investment, it is important to take care of your car, especially when it comes to maintenance.

While most people know that the ar manufacturer recommends changing the oil in your car every 3000 miles, most of us take the car for granted and push it a few more miles. Sometimes, you even forget when you last changed your oil, and you just keep putting it off until you can find a more convenient time. These habits, however innocuous, can spell disaster for your car’s engine.

KD_Auto_Repair_Redmond (1)An oil change generally only takes about 20 minutes to do and only costs a few cans of oil. Or, if you don’t want to change the oil yourself, you can either take it to your dealership or stop by KD Automotive for a quick oil change. Generally, you are in and out of here and the cost is not a hit to the pocketbook, plus it will save you money in the long run, especially if your car develops problems from not having the oil changed regularly. If you wait too long, the costs will be enormous to fix the engine, so it is worth taking care of right away.

In addition to saving you money to fix your car later, there are several benefits to changing your oil on a regular basis. Not only does clean oil keep your engine healthy, it also improves your gas mileage by lubricating its parts to help it run more efficiently.  New oil keeps sludge and gunk from building up in your engine which can lead to corrosion and shorten your engine’s lifespan. The dirtier your oil, the harder your engine has to work, and nobody wants to be broken down in downtown Redmond in the middle of the rain because they didn’t change their oil.

There are some telltale signs your car may be sending you about when it is time toRedmond Auto Repair change the oil, including the color of the oil itself. When first added to your engine, the oil should be a honey color; as it ages it becomes darker. If you see particles in the dark oil, it is time to change it so the oil filter doesn’t become clogged. You might also feel your car running a little rougher than usual. If so, it might be rectified by something as changing out the oil. The noises you are hearing might be from lack of lubrication, so throwing some new oil in may do the trick. Depending on the age and type of car you drive, you should have a light on your dashboard that indicates when your oil needs to be changed. If you feel you are changing it a lot based on this light, you may have an oil leak you need to address. Otherwise, this light will go on when the engine indicates it needs a change. While it is easy to ignore this light, you should listen to your vehicle. You can always check the oil level with the dipstick to check its consistency and its levels.

For your engine’s sake, keep track of your oil changes and when the next one is due. If you drive about the same number of miles each month, you might be able to gauge when you will need another change. If you commute to Seattle and back every day you will need to change your oil more frequently than a commuter that works at Microsoft in Redmond. Or, you can watch your odometer and make sure you take it in every 3000 miles or so. As a rule of thumb, checking on your oil every other time you fill up will keep you educated on your car’s maintenance. Make sure to check it when the engine has cooled so as not to burn yourself with hot oil. Remember that sticking to a schedule of oil changes will help to prolong the life of your car.

Checking your oil is easy, and it is a good way to learn about your car’s engine. To check your oil, make sure you are on a flat surface and turn off your engine. When you open the car’s hood, make sure the engine has had the chance to cool off. If the car has a dipstick, you can remove it from the engine. Some newer cars rely on an electronic oil level gauge which will tell you the exact level of your oil. When using the dipstick, wipe it off with a paper towel and insert it back into its hole in the engine. The dipstick will indicate if you have enough oil, or if it is dirty and needs to be changed. Most gas stations in Redmond have a paper towel dispenser near the gas pumps. take a few minutes next time you are there and check your oil if you think it might be time.

Redmond Auto Repair

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your car running great. It is important to understand your engine and how it functions to maintain it properly. The oil works to lubricate the engine and draw heat away from the engine, as well.  As the oil makes its way through your engine, it picks up dust, dirt, and contaminants which causes it to lose its effectiveness. If you don’t change the oil when it is dirty or low, your engine will get too hot, and its parts will wear out quicker. Without the lubrication of the clean oil, the parts will rub against one another, causing friction and putting undue stress on the components of the engine. An engine that never has an oil change will eventually just seize up and stop working altogether—a very costly side effect of not being proactive with oil changes! At this point, you will either have to replace the engine or the car.

While it is easy to procrastinate when having to change your oil, it is one of the easiest and least expensive maintenance items for your car’s engine. If you find your car is running hot (even in the Washington rain), making unusual noises or seems sluggish, the answer could be as easy as an oil change. Maintaining your engine should be a priority for any Redmond car owner and it is not difficult or expensive if you are diligent about your car. Remember, you rely on your car to make sure your car can rely on you!

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