Auto Repair Redmond Washington

Automotive Repair Services In Redmond WA

Redmond Auto RepairAt KD Automotive we specialize in the maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles in Redmond Washington. Our team of certified technicians are the best auto repair mechanics here on the East Side. Many of our clients bring their vehicles into our shop from as far away as Woodinville and Bellevue. We pride our selves on honest quotes and no hassle repairs. As Washington natives, we have many friends and family members in the area that rely on our expertise to keep their vehicles running and their families safe. Referral business from these relationships has been a big part of our growth over the years and we are extremely grateful for the honest reviews and referrals we have received both online and in person. As our business has grown so has our shop. We have expanded into the garages next to us that were previously occupied by other automotive industries including Mark’s Japanese Auto Repair and AAA Radiator which are both closed. As we continue to expand our garage, our services, and the capacity in which we operate, we will be adding more mechanics and technology to help provide our customers with the most valuable repair solutions in Redmond. Here are some of the services we currently are offering at KD Automotive.

Auto Repair Services Offered At Our Redmond Garage

30k / 60k / 90k Mileage Servicing For Cars And Trucks

Engine Tuning Services

Brake Repair

Scheduled Oil Changes

Troubleshooting Diagnostics And Repair

Automotive Air Conditioning Service And Repair

Suspension Inspections, Repair, And Replacement Services

Radiator Repair And Maintenance

Drivetrain Repair And Maintenance

Tire Sales And Installation At Our Redmond Repair Shop

Our Commitment To You

Redmond Auto RepairWe are committed to making Redmond an even better community than it already is. With amazing families moving into the area monthly and helping to make Redmond a safe and respectful place to raise families, it is our commitment to you that through honest business practices, ethical automotive repair, and the best group of Redmond mechanics around, we will be your go-to automotive repair team for years to come. We hope to earn your trust and become your preferred auto repair shop in Redmond. It is also our goal to continue maintaining and repairing vehicles for your children as they grow into adults, making us a true family repair shop.

Our Team Of Mechanics

KD Automotive was founded by Pro 3 race car driver Kevin Doyle and is located in Redmond, Washington. The shop is managed by lifelong Redmond resident and professional mechanic Jason Lucas. Together, Kevin and Jason run the daily operations at KD Automotive and work together to make sure their vision of a family-friendly, ethical, honest, automotive repair shop is the same experience for each customer that brings their automobile in for repair.

Long-Term Goals

It is our long-term goal to continue to expand our shop and add additional bay doors to facilitate the maintenance and repair of more vehicles. As technology advances and vehicles evolve into battery generated modes of transportation we want to make sure our facility evolves with it and is prepared to services and maintain the new wave of vehicles that will be released in the future. We would also like to build KD Automotive into the Redmond repair shop that the city relies on for quality, honest, repair services.

Notable Blog Mentions

• We get vehicles brought in that have very expensive repair costs. This is typically due to the cost of the manufacturer’s replacement parts. Our suggestion is if you can’t afford the maintenance on a 2018 Cadillac Escalade then don’t buy one! Buy something you can afford as noted in this article.

• Speaking of Cadillac’s,  we were wondering why there weren’t any at the Washington Auto show and it looks like we were not the only ones wondering that. Check out this thread about that exact question.

• With summer approaching, we all need to be careful about leaving our pets in the car when temperatures increase. Sadly, deaths among pets continue to happen during the summer month from being left inside vehicles with the windows up. Do your part this summer and keep your pets out of your parked car. You can learn more about a bill that was passed in 2015 here.

• We spend a lot of time in Eastern Washington during the summer months. With family in Spokane, we find ourselves there a few weeks out of the summer. When we travel, we tow a 5th wheel loaded with our Razor and quads. There is always the possibility that we encounter a fender bender while navigating that rig through some tight spaces. Should we find ourselves in a wreck and need an accident attorney while in Spokane, we will look to this legal team for advice.

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