Air Conditioning Repair Redmond WA

Fixing Your Cars AC Unit This Summer

ac repair in redmond waSummer is approaching and the air conditioning unit in your car may or may not be charged properly. Chances are you haven’t run it since last summer and there could be some general maintenance needed. Freon, the cooling element in air conditioning units can run out if overused, or even leak slowly after sitting for too long. Washington State isn’t known for its hot weather, but the few weeks a month that it is hot, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Redmond has plenty of water surrounding it, from Bear Creek to Lake Sammamish, and the Sammamish Slough. These bodies of water and cause additional humidity in Redmond and if you do not have your AC units cranking at full charge, you may be miserable this summer.

Air Conditioning Services

Our air conditioning services are the ultimate solution for anyone looking for affordable, quality, air conditioning repair in Redmond. We provide full service and repair for compressors and check for leaks. You can expect the best full-service checkup in Redmond. Our AC checkup consists of the following.

▪ Air vent temperature checkup for all vehicles

▪ Test for recycling of operating gas

▪ Check receiver drier / filter and replace if needed

▪ Make necessary adjustments to drive belts and pulleys

▪ Make sure valves and thermostats are operating properly

▪ Check for freon leakage on valves and hoses

▪ Check valves and hoses for preventative maintenance

▪ Thoroughly clean out condenser fins

▪ Deodorize and sanitize the system

Maintenance Tips – Non-Summer Months

Summer months come and go quickly in Washington State. ac maintenanceYou definitely spend more months not using your air conditioning system than months that you do. So during the offseason, what can you do to make sure that the unit will be functioning properly when summer hits? Here are a few tips to take into consideration.

• Run the ac system once a month to keep to keep fluids flowing and things lubricated. The pump, hoses, and valves benefit from the system running. It’s easy enough and can also prevent hoses from drying out and cracking. Probably more of an issue for people in Eastern Washington than people in Redmond.

• If you have your car in the shop for something unrelated, ask your mechanic to take a peak and make sure freon levels are good and things are functioning.An ac checkup isn’t typically included in general service procedures so you will need to ask, and there is always the chance that they will want to charge you so make sure you ask about cost.

• Before the summer kicks off, get an AC checkup. Better safe than sorry. This is especially true if you travel with children frequently during the summer months. Redmond isn’t Phoenix, so you don’t have to worry about extreme heat, but it still get’s warm enough to warrant a checkup before summer kicks off.

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